Season of Hope

Have you seen the season of autumn?Autumn_Tree
A season of fall.
Nature sheds its garment,
Trees mourn with sorrow,
Seems everything sings a dead song.
This season of pain soon changes,
And followed by a season of winter,
Followed soon by Spring.
Now the leaves are green,
Flowers bloom with happiness,
And trees lives a new life,
Nature appear smiling everywhere.
There is a thing for thought,
If every season of pain,
Is followed by a season,
season of cheerfulness.
So why we loose hope?
Why we thinks that
sorrows and woes is in our fate?
Are we not so courageous
like a tree, to face the season?
Our fate is not governed by only season of pain,
We have a season of happiness too to gain.
But it belongs only to those
who beleives on beauty of hope.
Like a poor Autumn tree!!


4 thoughts on “Season of Hope

  1. wow what a beautiful picture it has all the colours . By adding few idea’s anyone can paint this beautiful picture on a canvas.
    @ poem is beautiful as usual *im happy*


  2. Nice poem. These poems of yours are really inspirational. Thanks for sharing on your blogs. Your blog is really a source for inspirational stuff. Thanks once again for these inspirational stuff.


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