Thats the way to stay Alive!!!

Forget everything that you’ve ever learned,
Forget the disses forget the burns,
Forget the time you wanted to die,
Forget the people who made you cry,
Forget the times no one was there,
Forget the times no one cared,
Forget the times you prayed to God
To save a life, to mend a heart,
Forget how they drifted away,
Left you behind, no place to stay,
Forget how your thoughts took over your mind,
Shocked your body and froze time,
Forget how things used to be,
No need to reminisce those memories!!!

Cause remember……….

Rainbows born of time and rain,
As flowers bloom to die again.
This cycle touching all that strive,
To reach the sun or feel alive.
Hearts will break and bleed once more,
Destroying all we knew before.
Time brings change forever fades,
Truth and nature slowly jades.
Judgment falters wisdom grows,
Life’s the song that we compose.

Cause Life – It Moves On!!!! Lets move along with it to stay alive!!!





4 thoughts on “Thats the way to stay Alive!!!

  1. Well said Bhaiyya

    but to forget is not to easy naa …. memories good or bad are part of our life and would never leave us …

    but very well written


  2. beautifully written poem once again *claps*.

    forget the people who caused u pain ..just forget and forgive them .

    just remember W ,r ,t ,s ,k, m, n ,a,q ,d ,i and v ok.


  3. Ok Sonu!!! Point taken.

    @ Preeti – No Preeti forgetting is not easy. But if we try to follow it then the pain gets reduced. I now believe this strongly that its better to move along life positively. Why think of the grim past. Better we look forward to the rainbow and keep our hopes alive.


  4. Everytime I feel Low, every time I feel am useless and loser , I come back and read this multiple times… I like the reasoning part written in the poem…every time I come to read this poem ..I read it with eyes filled with gallons on water…..Life is so mysterious…people who are useful to the world leave early and papis have chirayuh……


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