The Long Journey

Walking for miles down a long, bumpy road,
It feels like you’re getting nowhere; time feels old.
It starts to rain and you wonder why,
Because there’s a drought in your heart and you cant cry,
And the pain causes cracks like the desert dirt.
And you want so bad not to hurt,
The suns been shining for too many days,
It blinds you and you wish it away,
You run away and chase the night.
You finally catch it and lose your sight,
You fight the weather and try not to fall,
You try so hard, but can’t escape it all,
You finally sit down and take it all in.
Its a beautiful view and you cant help but grin,
The sun is beautiful and brightly shines,
It shines out the bad things you’ll forget in time,
The cracks are reminders of mistakes you’ve made.
But its a lesson learned and you’ll remember someday,
The rain is saddening for now,
But you know you’ll find the rainbow somehow.
So you continue the journey and the road looks smooth,
A very long journey to the new and better you!!!





2 thoughts on “The Long Journey

  1. And the wait for rainbow is endless 🙂 Sometimes even before you sight the rainbow, it disappears and again you start looking for the same with a hope that it would remain with you forever.. But most importantly, if the rainbow is in sight all the time, you will never feel happy of finding a rainbow.. What an irony.. And life is just like this!!


  2. Nice one….its better to hope for the rainbow than be sad that the rainbow has disappeared…
    Now that its the rainy season, I am just waiting for the rainbow to show up… somehow I just love them…


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