Down Kharagpur Memory Lanes

Just when I am supposed to work on the compiler, the urge to blog overwhelms me. Escapism is a widely prevalent vice. During exam-time in Kharagpur, we wing-mates had a tendency to elaborately plan a trip for the vacations to follow. Everyone knew that there won’t be any trip, but no-one acknowledged it as long as the planning kept our minds off the exams. To make the planning more credible, we would get down to the minutest logistical details like where would we stay and of course also cover the basic necessities. One such fictitious trip to the nearby Digha beach was postponed because one guy pointed out that there would be a high tide; so we instead planned for Darjeeling.

However, we did manage to have an extremely successful trip to Gangtok after the MTech exams. In a similar spirit, I did go for a jog one particular morning in the fourth semester; unfortunately no one saw that and now I myself doubt whether that was a dream, an illusion created in subconscious as a response to unfulfilled yearnings.

There are many such memories but let me tell one that today made me jot down this blog post even though I am dead tired now. It concerns a friend of mine from Kharagpur Bornik whose “Cold” mail I recieved today.

Our wing of 12 guys had a open door policy; anyone would walk-in. One fine evening a sincere branch-mate walked into our room and tells us that next day there is a class-test on MicroProcessors. He also informed that last year the professor had given 20 questions from the GATE exam and hence deduced that he should be studying the GATE paper. Most of us decided to get back to our books except for two, Provanjan and Debashish.

These two sat down into a serious discussion and finally inferred that it would be an objective type question paper and hence deduced that they should create a cheat-sheet. They wrote 1-20 on a sheet of paper and idea was to keep exchanging that sheet in exam hall with correct answers written on it. Satisfied with their preparations they went off to sleep leaving us with our books.

Next day those two wore shirts which had front pockets. Two guys wearing formal shirts riding double-seat on a cycle is a rare scene in KGP, they were men with a plan and least bothered about the general expectations in accordance with non-existent fashion trends of the campus. Debashish kept the neatly folded sheet in his pocket. Both entered the classroom and sat down. I was sitting just behind Debashish and besides me a bright chap Bornik.

Professor distributed the question papers and we all started. And yes it was the same, 20 questions and all multiple choice ones but I found I knew just two. Suddenly Debashish, who was sitting in front of me passed me the paper with 1-20 written and asked me to fill the choices. I told him slowly that I know just two so can’t help now and put the paper into my shirt pocket. Debashish now asked me to pass the paper to Bornik.

I was too nervous by now. I looked at Provanjan but he gave me signal saying not to worry. I took it they must have fixed up things with Bornik. I looked at Bornik. And I saw Bornik’s left palm resting on his desk slightly open. I was now convinced he was in the loop with them.

I took the paper out of my pocket and squeezed it into Bornik’s hand. And then I got down to solve my own paper. The bell rang and prof collected the answers. By now Provanjan and Debashish came to me and asked why didn;t I pass them the answers. I told them that I passed it to Bornik and maybe he didn’t have the courage to pass it along to them and so kept the sheet back.

Meanwhile, Bornik stood up and took two steps to my desk.
He thumped his palm loudly on my desk.
When he lifted his palm, I saw a ten rupee note there.
He walked off in anger.
I was baffled for a second. Then it dawned.
I checked my front pocket. In it, lay the sheet which was supposed to sail the duo through.

PS : Bornik, to this day, thinks that I tried to bribe him. He would never talk to me for the unintentional humiliation caused. Provanjan I think now the time has come for you to clear out with him yaar.


11 thoughts on “Down Kharagpur Memory Lanes

  1. Hahahahaha!!!!

    This is what happens when U plan elaborate cheating ‘ritual’!!!

    I cant stop laughing!! Poor guy!


  2. hahahahahaha… for nothin and “cheats” for free…..hahahahahaha !!!!

    Bhai… u actually gave him money???? hahahahaha !!! Good thing yo did not hand over the cheat to the prof thinking it to be your answer sheet…hahahaha !!!!


  3. Thakurrr hahahaha kay yaad dilaye re.
    I still remember that day, that face of Thakur and Bornik
    Bornik red fuming and Thakur confused first then suddenly running after Bornik
    Leaving rest in the class with confused faces.
    best was when Dr Kumar came back to room & asked for something and we all were luking @ him with blank faces


  4. In our Oriya language we say dhai-kir-kiri meaning big boulder falling on one. Just what happened that day with us all.

    Bornik wont. He is beyond all that. me and Arijitda tried explaining but he is convinced about the bribe part.haha


  5. Kya yaar Provanjan. Bura phasaya mujhe. =))

    I was laughing yesterday night when I recalled this. Those fun exams days!!! I used to really love those trip discussions. =)) Kitne banaye thhe gumne but ek bhi nahi liya.


  6. Bhaskar hope none of our profs have access to your blog. :))
    our planning for darjeeling helped in the gangtok trip. when we really took the trip we ended not making any plans :))


  7. oh my god this is hilarious

    u were such a riot or what
    haha i can totally imagine thakur saab face then

    hehe kodak moment right


    this is too funny


  8. =)) =)) =))

    this is hilarious

    U tried to bribe him with ten rupee..insulting very insulting =))

    Oh godd this is too funny =))


  9. ROFL…

    This one was just too good.. The bribe part takes the cherry on cake.. Baaki sab kuch toh normal hain but that bribe part was too good.. I hope one day ur frnd gets to know the truth =))


  10. OMGGGG =))..This is oneeeee hilarious post..haha

    Waise sabhi students ache ache plans hi banate hain..Coz aur kuch toh hota nai hai humare paas =))


  11. =)) OMG – I loved the Rs 10 part – but the planning a holiday trip and avoiding Dingi beach coz of high-tide is too good.

    I am sure your friend is angry coz you gave him only Rs 10 !!! Had you given him 100, he wud have given answers and would have been your friend too !!!


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