Too Happy Today – Congrats Sam!!!

Morning today got up to find a mail which brought a BIG smile on my face. One of my friend, sister, had received the NAFA grant and could now easily go and study at Singapore. This was something she wanted to get so much. The fact that she got it really made me feel so at peace and happy!!! With the excellent results she got in her 12th, this is icing on the cake. 😀

Sam a big Congratulation and I am really feeling so proud and happy today.

I am so proud of you
That you proved what you can do
I never really say this but
I do respect you a lot.
I hope that you realize what a great inspiration you are to all
I hope the world gives you what you deserve and much more

With a lot of appreciation!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Too Happy Today – Congrats Sam!!!

  1. Is this Sam,my twin Sam ? Wow Twin , Congrats !!!! You did great !!!! Ek dum name roshan kar diya !

    Best of luck !!!


  2. Omg!!

    Thank you so much bro!
    Your support through this crucial year of my life really made a difference! And I hope you continue to be my guiding light!

    Loads of love,


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