Princi – Happy Birthday!!! We’ll miss you!!!

Today 3rd June will always remain a special day for me. It’s the Birthday of my dearest friend Princi (Kuljit), though she is no more with us. My thoughts always go back to all the times that we both spent together. If Princi’s leaving is bitter those conversations will always remain sweet. Bitter is the knowledge that these circumstances of life will never allow me to carry on the friendship with her anymore. Its still hard not to miss time like those. I ask myself many times – Why good people are always taken away?

There’s always that one person that when you are having the worst day and all you have to do is ping them. By the time you get off the chat, you’re smiling so big your cheeks hurt. There’s that one person that if you can’t sleep, cause you got to much on your mind,  you can call them to just talk your mind. And they come and listen!!! There’s that one person who knows all your flaws, who knows all the things you’ve done good and bad, still stand beside you. And they can just understand you when you talk. The first thing they ask is what’s wrong and make sure to say “Don’t say it’s nothing cause I know you too well to buy that.” There’s that one person who loves you and trusts you no matter what. That one person is your true friend.

And Princi that is just what you were for me. A true friend till the end.

Friends are friends till the very end,
To go through the flames of hell and back again,
To make sure you are safe,
To show you their love,

Friends are people you can tell any thing and everything
and they wont judge you or laugh in your face,

I’m glad I had a friend like you,
Who I could gladly talk to,
No matter where I go,
Or what I fear.
I knew your shoulders were always near,
To share my tears,
And bring a smile.

You were my friend,
and you will always be!!!

Happy Birthday Princi, where ever you are!!! We’ll miss you today!!!




6 thoughts on “Princi – Happy Birthday!!! We’ll miss you!!!

  1. Happy bday Princi 🙂 You are always special for me and u share bday with my mom so this days is extra spl for me 🙂


  2. Princi,

    Last year this time, we celebrated your birthday together. Your joy on seeing the birthday thread, all the wishes that came for you,the teasing, the birthday surprises , your replies and we both sitting late in the night together remniscing and laughing at some of the past antics and planning new pranks… today i can’t help but remember all those moments.Princi, I don’t know if you can see all these or not… but I am hoping you can… this friend of yours is really missing you…

    Happy Birthday !!!

    Times spent with you will always stay special.Hope when we meet mext we can carry on from where we parted….till then… wherever you are…peace be with you….


  3. pinci di a very very happpyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyy:D:D
    where is she br0???y sisnt she wid us i mean is she awritee??
    apne daraa hi dya hai:S


  4. Happy birthday princi
    I read your topic on was touching very touching.
    Lovely poem


  5. Happy bday Princi
    she was the perfect example of ‘life’
    U will be missed always.
    nice and very touching post BB


  6. That so sweet bhaskar bhai, I don’t know much about her, but after reading your thought, it seems I missed 1 good friend.
    Happy birthday princi
    May your soul rest in peace
    You always missing.


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