We finally successfully release our “KGPIOBV2”

Integrated Transmitter-Receiver Chip (BiCMOS Version), released by NSC-India in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. Its the third one by the same team as part of the project to make High Speed Serializer-Deserializer Chips.

With this success, the team has now got it’s third renewal for full three years. In this period of recession it means a lot!!!

For me this was too important because for the first time I was the Principle-Investigator of a project, heading it on my own. Yes our mentors, Prof P. P. Chakrabarti, Dr. N. Kumar and Dr. Mrs. D. Roy Choudhury, were always there to give us the valuable guidance.

Our Team or as we call ourselves “The VLSI-Gang”

Myself, Subrat Kumar, Arpan Bhatti, Apra Gupta and Nikhil Pandey.

Here’s the design of the chip that was released successfully yesterday!!!


Integrated Transmitter-Receiver Chip KGPIOBV2 (BiCMOS Version)



13 thoughts on “We finally successfully release our “KGPIOBV2”

  1. Me first to reply Yayyyyyy

    BT congratulations to you and to our team. Worry not man, we’ll achieve more great heights, I am sure.


  2. Congrats to you and your team Bhai!!! Its a huge achievement for sure and all the best for next project.. Just have a positive frame of mind and be strong, things will come and fall on your feet!!


  3. Forgot to add.. This is really good for you when it comes to your professional front.. Take this as your strength and move on with life!!


  4. Whatever it is, it looks very colourful, and I am sure it was not easy, so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS 🙂


  5. Heartiest Congratulations to the VLSI Team !!!! Chak De phatte !!!!!

    In this recession time if you have a foothold for another 3 more years… then, vah kya baat hain….. you guys deserve every bit of it….

    @Sahana, you crack me up…hahahaha…..


  6. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! you all have fun here and never told me.so bad arpan and bhaskar
    Big day for all of us. yeshhhhhh
    and now bhaskar after you get back from dinner add me on facebook.
    I made the ID and mailed you details
    -Sahanasingh–No dear it was not easy, really.and at one point we even were on the verge of leaving it as all tests were failing.
    Thanks to our mentors who made us work and see we go through.


  7. Congratulation to u B and VLSI-gang !!!!
    BTW i couldnt understand the picture it went over my head…hehehehe


  8. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a colourful tribal carpet; pardon my ignorance – you know the expression bhains ke aage been bajana, but in this case the bhains at least knows that it is something complex 🙂

    By the way, even if it was a tribal carpet, it would be interesting, especially the border!


  9. Congrats to VLSI Gang and Bhaskar for this achievement.
    Enjoy the success and keep up the good work.


  10. Congratulations, Bhai! Its a great achievement! All the best to ur team! Keep up the good work!


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