Trust Lost!!!

Detached from the lonely cold world,
A place which had some importance,
Warmth of people do not reach,
No candle light, leave alone trust.

Trying to keep my mind away from the edge,
Falling down would be the last solution,
Disconnected my heart will rest in peace,
With not the slightest feeling or emotion.

Cutting the strings which held me back,
Free to wonder around the naked land,
Those blockages held me from my true self,
Personality warm, but dry as sand.

Realizing my feelings are something beyond,
Human mind can’t solve this long lost state,
In times my spirit could be soft and kind,
In times my inner devil is born to hate.

For the latest moments Dispatched as I was,
No soul, nor light could come to my aide,
Trust in people is a deed I’ve done,
For that action in blood I payed.

Family gone, friends lost, light darkened,
Hate appeared, tears were shown, heart frightened,
Trust, where did I ever go wrong?
Trust, who could guess it would be so strong?