Tired Eyes, Please let me forget!

These tired eyes, dragging their lids to the floor,
Whisper for sleep but I continue to ask for more.
Wandering, they can’t seem to find time for rest,
Ask for more entertainment and won’t settle for less.
Won’t drift off until each nook and crannie is familiar,
Can’t ask for slumber, don’t ask, till life is but a blurr.
Eyes flutter, but remain unshut, for tired eyes dare not hide!

Eyes wander; Thoughts wander, though just along for the ride.
Think of the future. Goals to accomplish, unlikely!
Think of the past. People forgotten, pained slightly!
Think of the present. Wonder why things played out,
The way things play out when things take adverse routes,
To your previously planned paths to the present.

Sleep seems far from attainable, even though I’m spent,
Philosophy and Reflection takes priority only slightly more important,
Than the unyielding tug of tired eyes, so I continue this rant.
Suddenly, Images flash, a constant stream through my mind,
I know those pictures. Of them!! WAIT! Stop.. Rewind!!
Unease rises, thoughts flood in remembrance to that day,
Emotions rise as you can’t forget this draining display.

Twist and Turn, trying to drift off, please just let me sleep,
Fighting back the emotions as I fight the urge to weep.
Close my eyes. Search for something to ease this torment.
But tired eyes never yield to sorrowful wishes and never relent,
Tired Eyes never yield to retiring pain but nag on your regret,
Tired eyes won’t drift off to allow you to temporarily forget.
Oh, Tired Eyes, Why can’t I forget?
Oh, Tired eyes, Please do let me forget!






4 thoughts on “Tired Eyes, Please let me forget!

  1. Remember Gulzaar Saab’s ……

    ” Aadmi bulbula hai paani ka,
    aur paani kee behti sach hai barf,
    toot-ta bhi hia, doobta bhi hai
    phir ubharta hai, phirse behta hia,
    na samandar nigal saka isko,
    naa tareekh tod paayi hai
    waqt kee mauz pe sada behta,
    admi bulbula hai paani ka …”


  2. Bhaskar, it is difficult I know. But I also know you will come out well. You are brave, man…


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