Awaiting Mother’s Day I sit thinking of them all!!

Another Mother’s day coming and I sit down thinking.

I started to think about the millions of people who won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day.  Millions of people whose mothers are deceased, millions who are no longer in contact with their family and for some reason or another won’t be sending any gifts and millions who don’t even know who their real mothers are.

Despite the commercialism that surrounds many of our holidays, Mother’s Day has always been a special day for me to reflect upon all the women in my life who have loved me as a mother would. Who have made a mark in my life, have been like a guiding light for me, like a friend, advisor or even protector through these few years of mine on this planet.

My Mother:

No time, but time for me
No patience, but you listen to me
Dreams and goals, they are history
Because you put me first, and you last
Because you can’t forget about your past

Nobody gave you a book
to raise me
But look how I came out
Just you alone can take on the earth
because of all your worth

My love for you will never go away
because my heart can’t run away
So as many days I count on you
and all I put you through
You still love me
And I’ll always love you

You were there when I learned to walk
You were there when I learned to talk
You were there to help me to my feet
When I fell down and almost admitted defeat

You are the one person I knew would never hurt me
You are the only person I knew would never desert me
You are my best friend, and I love you with all my heart
You helped me so much when my life was falling apart

You see me smile and it means the world to you
You try so hard to make me smile, it’s so true
You love my laugh and my childish gaze
When I look at you though I’m truly amazed

I want to thank you for all you’ve done
You have been there when the devil almost won
But now I’m not to sure how long you’ll last
You’re happy days seemed to have long passed

And yet that smile still sits on your face
Your so optimistic, and so out of place
But yet I can’t help to smile back at you
And think of all the things we’ve been through

My Bhabhi:

I will remember you always,
The way you dressed,
The way you smiled.
The way you walked and talked,
The way you danced to our song.
You were my best friend that I will never forget.
I loved you and you knew it.
Everyone thinks your gone forever but you exist,
In my heart, and my memories.
Those days, we spent together, were the best days of my life.
We laughed, we cried.
We were full of pain but so much fuller of happiness.
Every word you ever said to me, I will keep it in my heart, soul and memory.
You were important to me in every way, you let me spill out all my pain and fears, even though you had problems of your own, you were a shoulder to cry on, when I needed it most.
I will never forget you.
I will Remember you always.
You are watching over me now.
Making sure I don’t get in any trouble or hurt.
You go every where I go.
When I start to feel down, because your gone I just think of your smile and pretty eyes,
And I think about the way you would always know how to make me smile even though it’s a time to cry.
That makes me feel better and I laugh to myself thinking your there with me.
You were the best friend any one could ever have.
I was small, but you talked to me like and adult. I appreciated you and I still do.
I love you. And know, that I will never, ever forget you.


My rock for which I lean on
My laughter when I’m blue,
She’s the one I count on most
My sister through and through.

Impartial to the words I speak
And never judges me,
The jokes and insane stories
Always set my problems free.

When all have failed to see me
For who I really am,
Her eyes shine deep inside me
And me she understands.

As friendships come and fade
And I have loved and lost,
Her shining love and grateful trust
Do not come at such a cost.

And when I need some good advice
Or a person to admire,
I know I’ll always go to her
For her words, to me, inspire.

When no one else will listen
And I feel I’ve done no right,
She reassures my every thought
And makes worthy my whole life.

I thank her for the love she gives
And the person she maintains,
Her influence will always stick
For my sister she remains.


I know you’ll always watch me,
Each and every day,
So in my times of troubles,
You’re there to take my hand and lead the way.

I know you’ll always love me,
You’ll always be right here,
Shielding me from all my pain,
Standing between me and fear.

I know you’ll always protect,
From hurt and grief and woe,
That you will hold me in your arms,
And never let me go.

I want you to know I love you,
I always have, and always will,
And everyday my heart will grow,
And my love for you will over-spill.

I know at times we’ll argue,
Or be miles and miles apart,
But you will always be close to me,
Where it matters – in my heart.


What I’ve learned over the years and continue to see day after day is the reflection and manifestation of a mother’s love in the lives of her children—biological or not. Blood does not always be the basis of such a relation. It is forged just on love and mutual trust. And this love is able to transcend blood lines and develop into an impermeable bonds at time. Unfortunately at times people around fail to even see it or appreciate it!!!!



5 thoughts on “Awaiting Mother’s Day I sit thinking of them all!!

  1. very nice bhaskar i wish i had the words to say more u hv expressed it so nicely


  2. BB such nice thoughts and u really have a beautiful way of using words and expressing ur thoughts.

    Agree with Meena and Adi – cant add to this u have said it all.


  3. So well compiled.
    There’s nothing more you can add after this.
    You are a son every mother would be proud of BT.
    Glad to have you as a friend.


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