Moderating a blog/forum, some myth and reality!!!

Many moderate blogs/forums, but what can be the motivation for them to take up the extra responsibility even in a busy schedule and call for more work? Is it power, is it passion, is it the urge to use the time constructively or is it the title that motivates one?

Honestly speaking what would I rather do? Drool over some hot leads, discuss issues? Or, do I do both – take part in the discussions and also moderate? Basically I would rather contribute something to the place which provides the platform to one to get out of the daily grinds of life and chill for a while. And for that doing both is possible always.

There is a myth that one doing moderation work in such a place is doing so, as (s)he has a lot of free time in hand. You can always do such a job in your free time or during your breaks in the work schedule. And one who is on PC with internet 24*7 can actually contribute a lot to such platforms taking time out from their busy schedule too.

Its not about being smart or having lots of free time in hand, it’s more to do dedication to work and level of commitment. Why just virtual, there are plenty in real world, who always remember to pick up their paychecks but when it comes to work, they are too busy working on excuses.

So there will always be two sets of people – one who waste time thinking of excuses and one who uses the time constructively to deliver.  After all, as they say, when there is a will there is a way!!!

My personal salute to those volunteers who work tirelessly despite busy schedules or other commitments to keep things happening, on time, everytime all for free!!! Hats off!!!


8 thoughts on “Moderating a blog/forum, some myth and reality!!!

  1. Well said bro! There is a joy in being a part of forums and moderating it. The minute it isn’t fun anymore, it’s just labour. That’s where the line is, and should never be crossed. There’s a difference between having mods to help and having mods you EXPECT to work all the time.

    You’re an awesome mod 🙂


  2. Frankly speaking, I got to learn a lot when I started my moderating duties.. It’s about understanding the psychology of people which is a real fun but one should always maintain not to use the power/title for their own benefit.. One should understand what team work actually means..

    As you said Bhai, we work because we want to pay something in return to those who are providing us a platform but on the same note, even those who provide the platforms to make sure that these volunteers stay happy and give them the proper motivation.. The owner shouldn’t exploit the people working for them and provide them with the support and help and not throw them away if their work is done.. Such attitude will only deteriorate the quality of the forums/blogs..


  3. very well compiled BB
    Unfortunately these owners & others forget wht the support team is providing them
    the day they start geting the feel tht now these mods needs to work for me, all problem starts
    and the worse part is the way these volunteers gets treated when they dnt support them
    they knw how to get but not how to now give


  4. Well said Bhai. One who likes working and is sincere will always work and also deliver. One who views it as a “chore” will always waste time finsing reasons ….or one who is jealous of those delivering will always come up with weird “he/sher is wasting time” logics to placate self …hehehe

    You know… those who value work and relationships will never act out of place and till the end they will always stay the winner but those who only pretend,or change their attitude with time,one day they find themselves all alone wondering and wondering..and wasting all time wondering….hehehehe….

    BTW, let me also voice what my twin said – you are an exteremely good moderator and a very nice person who values relationships.


  5. Thakur I can get who you refer and what you want to say.

    “But the best part of many being, they forget all about the favor conveniently when it suits them.”

    Such people are best forgotten. zindagi se kaat ke nikal bahar kar de inhe. hypocrites hay yeh aise log. 1 saal pehle kaha thha tujhe chhor de inhe. they are exploiting. when help needed sweet talks else knife on the back. I always knew & told you not their sweet talks are all false. chal bhool ja sab ab.

    You are good leader everywhere, real or virtual. I salute you yaar.


  6. BB Nice topic and views.

    Well everyone has some free time on hand, now it just depends on how a person wants to spend their free time. There are a lot of forums of all types and you join forums to make friends and share your views. As you get attached to a forum you start contributing to it and when you choose to moderate a forum, you are investing your time to keep that place nice so that other members who come feel good and become a part of the forum as well.

    Those who become moderators cause of power or position are no better than our politicians, they are just there to find fault in others, back stab, create unrest and either leave themselves or make others leave.

    The real contributors are those who when they take on the responsibility fulfill it no matter how busy they are, it is their dedication and commitment to the position they have accepted even though on a voluntary basis that makes them give more time than they really have to the forum they moderate, they help out others when in need and in an unbiased way. They are the backbone of any forum. They are the real Leaders of the forum though their work may or may not be appreciated or acknowledged.

    With you i would also like to salute all those volunteers who work tirelessly despite busy schedules and other commitments to keep things happening, on time, every time all for free!!! Hats off!!!

    In addition a special SALUTE to you as you are MOD and LEADER par excellence. smiley_salute.gif smiley salute image by RiverIsMyGoddess 🙂


  7. Sorry for not replying earlier BB.

    Very well said Bhai. I know what and who are you referring to….
    I believe some have forgotten the word “team”, but you know Bhai.. you have proven yourself to be a wonderful leader. You did your part.

    If a leader cannot support his or her team… he/she is not a true leader.
    If a leader cannot appreciate the work of his or her team …. he/she is not a true leader.

    Salute to you BB for excelling in everything you have done.


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