A Trip Down Memory Lane!!!

Last few days I have been cooking and failing repeatedly. Finally I ended fretting this out to someone as to how much I am missing my Maasa. That in turn got me this reply

“So U miss Maasa for her cooking……how typical. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Well the person who sent it, this reply is too typical =))))))

But this line sent me back into a nostalgic journey to yesteryear’s. Maasa can I ever thank you enough, can I have just ONE reason to miss you!!!! Just thought of penning them down!!!

– The way you sacrificed years of your life staying away from Babuji when he had to stay at Ladakh on a work for almost 8yrs. And why?? Just in order to make sure we both brother’s get a decent education AND those days their were no mobiles and emails to keep in touch regularly.
– Our every little achievement was your point of pride. You gave up on all your dreams.
– Staying up late even after midnight just to make sure we get something hot at intervals while studying late.
– For always believing in us and trusting us completely.
– Standing by me strong when every other person pointed fingers for all troubles/tragedies at home.
– Listening to and pataoing Babuji for our requests. Yes we were scared hell of him.
– Wiping away the tears while keeping a brave front yourself.
– For being my biggest strength and good luck charm.
– For giving us such an emotionally secure childhood.
– For teaching me that one can be the most progressive and evolved person on earth and yet have simple aspirations.
– For being the BEST human resource developer. Our house always had the best trained housekeepers and they are still carrying on with me!!!
– For giving us the comfort zone to confide in you even after committing the biggest mistakes, and then being your child’s friend wasn’t so fashionable!!!
– For making the best chole bhature, dahi vada, chicken dishes and many many more.
– For maintaining the perfect balance of discipline and undying unconditional love towards us.

No idea why am I writing this. I know you won’t even read it. But I guess I am just missing you, I’ll be going back home from office now and know I won’t have you there with all my comforts ready. AND YES that one line in my mail box triggered me to take this journey to yesteryear. Thanks for that line as it atleast made me take the nostalgic trip and realise much much more what she was in my life!!!!


3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane!!!

  1. Maa… one little word…but means the world for us…. !!!!

    Bhai…. recipe bhej du? *with an angelic face asking*


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