Unpredictable Life

This life of our is so unpredictable. Most of us are trying our very best to get the best results in everything that we do, but sorry, how so ever we may try out, things have a tendency to always turns out to be something which we don’t want it to be.

There are so many things which happens, good things, bad things, and most of them are unexpected outcomes. And interesting is that mostly it has a tendency to turn out wrong.

Many things have happened in the past and even now and I’ve been troubled by them lately a lot. Things just goes in and out of my mind, and I’m not having any peace at all. Never even in my wildest dream did I expect such unpredictable outcome of my life!!!

Things happens. Today, I may be here, typing and posting a blog entry.

But tomorrow I may not be.

But still, nothing is impossible in this world you live in. Life is so unpredictable!!!! So PLEASE do treasure those people who are precious to you.

Never wait until your computer is being hacked by a hacker, then start to think of installing a firewall. Stupid example I know? Well as long as the meaning is there!!! Hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

But definitely life is too unpredictable and the unpredictable happenings can turn too upsetting!!!! It can turn you upside down and the very next moment again make you stand straight.

I have decided to live by what I have, what I am left with. And  YES take things as they come. When you don’t know what next unpredictable happening will be in your life, better to wait for it than think over it.




6 thoughts on “Unpredictable Life

  1. Thakurrrrrrrrrrrrrr I gave my seminar yaar and cleared it too.
    Now wasn’t that an unpredictable feature of your life 😀
    teri galiyo se to bach gaya mai ab, thank god.


  2. office u the boss… but outside my sweet bro who can fight anything i know.

    Subrat dear how many yr did u take to finally get your phd done?


  3. Life adds suspense just like any other suspense thriller but the fact is, here the life is the killer and we all are aware of it. Yet we cannot punish the life as here Life is the victim, lawyer and it is also the judge.. Yes, It is always better to accept life as it comes..

    And don’t worry.. Things will fall on track very soon. Just be optimistic about things!!


  4. Meenaji don’t ask subbu that. He’ll get a stroke.. hahaha

    BT tension nahi karne ka yaar. Me and Sanjay going to Mac come along. Khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar. kya kehna hai Thakur ka?


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