Sounds of Nature

Sea and oceans, your waves kiss the shore, then withdraw
with the moon as a conductor of your reassuring rhythm.
How many sailors fell asleep throughout the ages,
lulled by the sound of your mighty voice?

Wind, blowing at ever-changing speeds and angles
through chimes and leaves, making them sing.
Soft winds, rippling the waters, murmuring waves.
Severe storms, creating a cacophony of sounds.

Birds, flying gracefully tasting the refreshing breeze,
chirping melodies as they flap their gorgeous wings.
Competing fiercely with one another to be the loudest,
their high pitched voices echo and can be heard miles away.

Twisting and twirling like a maze in mid air
buzzing bees sit upon flowers, slurping away pollen.
As the sun sets in violet hues crickets scatter all about,
causing chatter throughout the rest of the evening.