Learning from Mistakes

I know I am always blamed
And I am the one who is to be blamed.
I know I make so many mistakes
But one wrong thing is all it takes
It puts me in a rage
Because tomorrow is never a new page
Just like a dart
The pain of it all pierces my heart
I have to fight
I have to make things right
I can’t let all things go wrong
I can’t let my life turn into a sad song
My mistakes always seem to hurt someone
Wheather it’s me or anyone
I have to stop my mistakes
No matter what it take.



6 thoughts on “Learning from Mistakes

  1. Whole daal looks blacky blacky. BT what did you do now.
    How are you? Get back to office soon, all missing you.


  2. where the hell r u Bhaskar? switch on your cell.

    Nice poem now try to follow the promise. πŸ™‚


  3. kabhi kabhi galati se mistake ho jaata hain….daal ka kya chakker hain? hahaha…

    bhai….nice poem.


  4. Just look at Meena talking to her boss. =))

    Yaar where were you today. Waited but you didn’t come to the office. Sab okie dokie?


  5. sanju baba u forgeting rule no 1 of us. πŸ˜‰ outside off no boss all friend. now it is weekend, we all r out of off. right?


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