The Hungry Moon!!!!

Look, way up high.
You see that hungry moon,
Curling in the sky?

It’s thin in body,moon1
Bladed edges like knives,
Only by the mirror
Of the Sun does it thrive.

Silent, still.
Look carefully, it’s weak.
For the game it plays is one
We call hide and seek.

Sometimes it’s luminous;
A grandiose sphere.
With crevices and craters,
But they soon disappear.

From a round fat plate
To skinned, slain white
Full moon to…
Nothing. All in one night.

But day by day,
Surely it grows back
Half a shining beacon.
The other half black.

Invisible or not,
The tides it does pull.
Though I know it’s happiest
When it’s lit up in full.

Now hush, hush.
Look way up high,
As the moon grows from hungry,
Into the torch of the night.


4 thoughts on “The Hungry Moon!!!!

  1. This beautifully explains the journey of life.. One needs to see the darker and bright side of life in a routine life cycle..


  2. Thats so beautifully written!!!! Maybe we should publish all your poems, they are just amazing..


  3. Yes Anu you got it right. Evening when I was going back home the thought came that how similar our life is to this moon. It is happy when full but then it starts getting cut down and finally disappears from the sky to be back again. As if fighting out all the odds to get back the happiness. And best being it does get it back.

    @ Sunita – Thanks 🙂


  4. Wow, nice poem… for me moon every time i look up at the moon i feel its telling me….to have faith and hope and things will be ok… and somehow i belive it too… anytime when i feel totally lost not knowing what to do… inadvertantly i look up at the sky searching for the moon… now here is one friend who never let me down…. always there… ok..beech beech mein gayab ho jaata hain…. but chalta hain…. hahaha


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