Learning from Dissapointments in Life!!!!

Disappointments in life, they come in many ways. You aspire to do something it doesn’t happen, you look forward to something it doesn’t work out, or you are disappointed in people when you keep them a little high in your esteem and they fall in your eyes or when you feel let down by them. Every human being goes through them, but for me the last instance, the disappointment in people is what hits me the strongest.

What is disappointment? The world we are a part of is far from perfect and disappointments are easy to recognize. A hollow helpless feeling inside. A feeling of betrayal, of being let down, of breaching trust. A failure to fulfill a promise or an expectation. Hurt, disbelief also accompany the feeling of disappointment and is directly proportionate to the strength of the relationship you have with that person.

That to me is what I call the biggest disappointment. When its circumstances you can somehow reassure yourself that you have no control over it but when it is a person, specially someone you care for or look up to, someone who you hold high in your mind, does things that disappoint you I guess the hurt, the hollow feeling is more. The hurt more and the feeling of being let down even more.

Why feel disappointed in someone? Well I guess because in the course of time, in a relationship one builds a trust, an image, a feeling about someone and when they do something that violates these things you feel let down, a sense of a breach of confidence in the person because their actions is not what you expect of them.

Yes one thing I have learnt by now. Best is to look at disappointments as challenges to be met with. Analyse, learn and move on. Be patient and that gives you the strength to go over disappointments.

“When dealing with disappointments, take a step back from the original, issue stand back and ask yourself what do I want from this and what really is the solution? Disappointments are not meant to hurt you but are there to help one grow and to remind one of their priorities.”



5 thoughts on “Learning from Dissapointments in Life!!!!

  1. Yes, the biggest disappointment in life being hurt by friends. Especially when a friend is so close and you trusted them the most. The sense of betrayal can be understood only when one is betrayed and those who break the trust will one day realize the meaning of true friendship only when they get betrayed. I would advice you to leave everything to time as time is the biggest medicine for emotional wounds.. The same time will also make others realize who are true friends or rather to say, relationship is above every aspect in this world!!


  2. The feeling of betrayal from the people u never expect them to do is truely bad, I know it well, but I think people have to come over it and learn in life that these kind of things r very much part in life, they get hurt, but later on remain as strength to the person, as it learned as a lesson of life……..


  3. Anu well said. It does hurt when u r feel betrayed by friends especially those that you have held high in your heart and mind.

    Waqt har zakhm bharta deta hai and in time they also will realize what a good friend they have lost.


  4. These days the way things are going around the world,if one keeps expectation, then he/she is bound to end up getting disappointed.Except for self.. expect from none.. not from the closest ones not the remotest ones…for when they fall short…it really stabs the heart…

    You know, those who abuse the trust and faith put in them… in the end they themselves are the biggest losers.. for, they lose the pricess gift – the trust and respect from loyal friends…..trust me, they are the most insecure ones.

    When at the end of the day.. you look at the mirror… you get to stare at the person who hasnt wronged…and that feeling is worth everything… unfortunately not all can look at the mirror and feel that way… the guilt of betrayal or deceit wont allow them to stare back from the mirror with confidence….and when one falls in his or her own eyes… then aur bacha hi kya…?

    Those who are foolish enough to believe that they can fool people easily are the biggest fools. Just imagine when the truth comes out then where will they stand..? sob stories or crocodile tears cant bring back the same level of trust….


  5. Yes it hurts a lot when someone whom u trusted the most betrays u but its a part of life B. Just forget and forgive them and believe me its very easy for a person like u .


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