Choosing our Actions

I’m a big believer on self-determination. I believe that if you set your mind to do something you can achieve it. This now makes me wonder that we actually choose our actions ourselves in life, it is a choice made by us. You’d think that with this mindset, I’d always try to be happy, right? Well, no. In fact, I probably worsened or encouraged my bad mood by listening to sad songs few days back.

For me, I listen to music for three reasons. 1) Because I enjoy it 2) Because there are certain songs that can express how I feel in a much more beautiful manner and 3) Because it gives me peace. Due to the latter reason, I ended up listening to songs of a particular album that didn’t give me motivation or hope, but allowed me to wallow in my despair for just a little longer.

These actions got me to thinking though. I could have chosen to listen to the music of Singh Is King or something of that manner, but I didn’t. I purposefully chose songs that I knew were sad, that I knew were depressing. I didn’t try to go out and to have a good time with, but instead, stayed home and wallowed.

So I wonder, why would someone want to do that? Why would someone like me want to put myself through such an emotional hell? In such a dark space? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Unfortunately, it happens and people do it too often.

This all reminds me of a video I came across sometime back about a paraplegic man who had a really good attitude when everything else in his life was grim. During the clip, he talks about how he could have taken the traditional reaction and made everything seem so bad, but he didn’t. He chose to have a positive attitude and that changed everything for him. I’m not saying I don’t have a positive attitude or that I don’t have a positive outlook on life, I truly do, I try my best also to do. I try to look at everything positively rather than in a negative manner but sometimes you just wonder, just how long can you stay positive for when you know things definitely aren’t looking good?

When you’re in a bad mood, do you allow yourself to sulk and stew or do you try to do something more productive and positive? Sure, the latter sounds very ideal, but really, how often do you do it? But when done it actually helps. Maybe next time instead of listening to songs would take a long drive!!!


4 thoughts on “Choosing our Actions

  1. Actually….stick to song or looking at images that make you roll on the ground laughing… there are a few like that aren’t they..? Avoid the long drives, at least that way the bones are safe…


  2. My recipe for fighitng anger or depression is Cleaning !!!! Trust me, if you are angry, hit the dust, you will be more efficeint cleaner in angry mood and after the work is done, the clean house wiill give you refreshing air and you won’t even know that you cleaned the house coz you would have thought that you were beating the enemy, not dust and dirt !!!!! Ek teer se do nishane !!!


  3. Hahahaha… Ritudi, this is the best idea I hv read in the recent times.. But there is also a fear involved.. You shouldn’t clean anything breakable because while cleaning you will show all your anger and you may end up breaking your favorite show piece.. So, be careful =))


  4. Haan, anu is right… breakable object se dur raho… and offcourse from table tops.Fist and tabletops are not the best of jodis…*wink Wink*.

    But what an idea Ritudi…. “hitting the dust” sounds like too much of work, even in anger…hehehehe…

    Personally I prefer the long aimless drive…but thats only for folks like me… not for you bhai


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