Where walks this man


Where walks this man without a heart
In distance far beyond mere dreams
A tarnished empty shell so dense
It captures true a darkness be
In brim sublime he hangs his head
As thoughts of years that forged so true
Now cloud a mind that trouble sees
Without a hope or faith renewed

Where walks this man without a soul
A darkened whisper from within
Rages loudly from inside
Of tales that beat him once again
In great retreat he hangs his head
As surely there be hurt that breaks
The essence of a dismal life
Shows now with every breath he takes

Where walks this man without a life
Once young and free in front of him
Was such a journey he could stride
To places he had never been
But shackles hold him to the ground
Constant pain from things he’s seen
Now sits among the cornerstone
Without a heart a soul or sun

Where walks this man, this plain man
Cast from the youth of long ago
A stranger staring with his eyes
As tears of loss begin to flow
A plain man who tore with words
Life left him there at twilights end
A soul and heart in lonely goes
With only death in front of them