Where brave Eagles Soars!!! Just for Princi!!!

This poem was for a very dear friend of mine – Kuljit or as I used to call her Princi,  which I sent her last year while wishing her for Friendship day!!!!

Today she is no more and I know, I’m going to miss her like anything. I cherish each and every moment I have spent with her. YES she WAS a brave girl. Very brave!!! She would be in pain but never let others know. Instead she would be going around cheering all.

A true friend indeed, A Brave Angel!!!!


Eagle’s get displaced from his original home,
expands it’s wings daily to new opportunities,
a mind of many thoughts; it’s free at last.
Gracefully it soars with an attitude so rare,
it’s impossible for someone to match or compare.
High off the ground, breathing in all happiness.

Eternally lies a soul loaded with tender care and love,
never failing to make those around it feel better,
open hearted touching everyone deeply within,
sucking the sorrow out of their lives with a smile.
This eagle remains brave and strong impacting lives
with positivity, a friend I proudly call mine.

You will be missed always Princi and I am so lucky that I met you and spent so many days of my life with you. I am going to treasure all those moments with me as long as I am alive.




7 thoughts on “Where brave Eagles Soars!!! Just for Princi!!!

  1. Princi,

    we met, we connected, we bonded to become good friends. Even though it was for a short time.. but you have left me back with a lifetime of happy memories.!!!! I hope wherever you are – you too can remember those and smile.

    I will treasue you and your memories always… you are indeed a very brave person… and your gift of friendship , i will cherish always….

    Till we meet again…



  2. May her soul rest in peace!! This is extremely shocking and reading about her way of living gives me goose bumps.. Seems like God wanted her to be with him for spreading smiles all over!!

    You will be missed Princy!!


  3. Baskar Bro very touching one…May her soul rest in peace. Princi never met you but go tto know about you more through Baskar Bro.


  4. Wonderful poem Bhaskar bhai.
    I never got chance to talk with her, but really feeling bad
    May god rest her soul in peace and give strength to her family.


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