Intricacies of Relations.

This world or to be more specific this life is very complicated. But more is the relations and their inherent intricacies. I could never find any logical answer to the relations we share in this world.

If we are to “See God” or “Hear from the Holy Spirit” it will be in relationships with others. If we are to learn, again it will be in relationships.  If we are to love, it will be in relationships.  If we are to separate, it will be in relationships.  If we are to know, it will be in relationships.  There is not much we do that isn’t intimately associated with relationships.  There isn’t much in life which is more than a heartbeat away from one or more relationships.

Unfortunately there are people who with their actions end marring their own relations with us, unknowingly at times while with malicious intentions too.

Many forget that to carry on these relations one thing thats paramount is “Space”. Some try to put forth their views and want us to follow the same. You don’t follow those, strain appears which at times even leads to breaking off. Why can’t they take it that I may not find that view appealing. I believe in following just my heart. So if my heart don’t allow me to follow your view why not forget it!!! Let me do it my way.

This was one set of people and there’s another. They feel just they have the right over us. Rest anyone we keep in touch are all better kept away. Why can’t they get that every relation has its own place in everyone’s heart. You too have one so why not stay happy there. Recently I faced a situation where few very close ones ended into calling names to someone else who I am close to. Why??? Can’t they respect my feeling for that person and keep their own comment to themselves. That person has nothing what-so-ever to do with these people then why comment on some-one/thing which does not matter you!!!! Did they even think once that we may get hurt with such comment and thus end result – Keeping away from these friends too so that we don’t get hurt.

These people don’t realize even once that by taking such a path they themselves loose relations or end into marring it. I follow what I feel best and I try my best to see I don’t hurt anyone while doing so. Few may have the right to guide me or even make me follow a path as per their wish and thats because I gave them that right!!!

But just because you are my friend, please don’t expect me to follow whatever you say. If I am following someone’s advise it could be because I feel thats best for me. Why put yourself in the same position as them and then scale yourself!!!

Unless such people start believing in giving space and respect other relations of their friends, its they too who will end up marring their own relations. These small maybe even unimportant issues which end into turning a relation sour. Looks complicated but can actually be very easy to follow if you just try once.



2 thoughts on “Intricacies of Relations.

  1. This one comes straight from heart.
    People should understand that they can’t “own” anyone, be it friend or any other relationship.
    I have seen many relationships getting marred coz of this.


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