Happy International Friendship Month!!!


Here is a miracle called Friendship that dwells within the heart
And you don’t know how it happens or when it even starts.
But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift
And you realize that Friendship is God’s most precious gift.

And on this Month of Friendship here’s something for you all, My Friends, who always stood by me, in my good times and bad both!!! And I have no words to express my thanks for that, they will fall short!!!


No matter how many times
I wake up from my dreams,
The blue sky knocked me down
Back to the disheartening nights so dim.

Then a wish I yearned for came true,
Some set free a wrecked soul like me,
From the labyrinth where I was trapped,
Nearly breaking down to my knees.

I’m glad you all cared for me,
Despite the fact, I had lost hope,
If not, I’d someone who’d rather be alone,
Maybe with a heart as hard as a stone.

We all are under the same sky,
We all had shared so much fun,
Even the worst struggle we could have,
As the wheels of time continue to run.

Tears may cascade down our faces,
When times in our lives seem hopeless,
Yet I know, we can make it through together,
For these tears could easily be erased.

However, If fate would decide,
We have to depart – far from each other,
Don’t worry my Precious Friends,
A bond like ours will be kept forever.

I will be there for you always,
Whatever journey you may take,
Closely stay with you till the end,
Be there for you with whatever choice you make.

You got my token of friendship,
As I did with yours, AND I hope you’d keep,
This is a poem, a gift from me to you all,
Along with the words so real and heart deep.



32 thoughts on “Happy International Friendship Month!!!

  1. May we all stay together…today and always, as long as we can…. may be till the very end of our lives ??????


  2. Thank you lala and i wish u and all others International Happy Friendship Day … may God always keeps us united like this always and Lala thanx for always remained there for us whenever we needed u .. u indeed defines the meaning of true friendship..God bless u always


  3. Thakns Bhaskar bro…for sending this…Happy Friendship Day to everyone..May everyone’s life gets filled with joy and laughter on this beautiful day..


  4. Happy freindship day to all of you. and few words for all my freinds here…

    Dost kya hai ?????… ek vyakti, ek soch, ek sach, ya ek ehsaas?????.

    Dosti kya hai ?????…ek ehsaas, ek thaharaav, ek stambh, aur ek pahachaan !!!!!

    main khush hoon ki main jaanti hoon ki …dost hain to dosti hai …hamare dilon mein ek ehsaas zinda hai …ki hum kisi ke liye hain , kuch karne ke liye hain, kuch paane se pahale kuch dene ke liye hain .


  5. Seemadi, you presented the thoughts so well. Can i copy your post and use it for a script? *puppy eyed innnocent looking Adi*


  6. Thanks alot BB..lovely words and i am blessed to have a Friend like you..thanks for being there always 🙂


  7. Thanks bro to considering me a friend
    I am thankful to you for being with me and honestly its B’coz of your friendship only where i have come across many other good friends too..

    Friendship is a thing which binds someone so strong.
    No other relation can be so strong coz if any relation comes from thick and thin times then relation may lost..
    Lekin no matter how much friends fight or argue or even they get busy in there own life but the moment they come across each other it will be like they were meeting regularly no hesitation taking bindaas..

    It is not imp that how many frineds a person have but it is imp that how many other take him as a friend..

    No matter what, every relation should have a layer of friendship.


  8. A very happy Friendship day to you and Et Al …

    Dedicated to all friends …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lRZG30EdGY


  9. Hey Bhaskar bro¨

    Thanks a lot for the msg,, soo sweet,….
    Happy friendship too you too..

    Love Nadz


  10. hey…Bhaskar and all the other buddies ” A very Happy Frinds Day” True friendship is priceless!!!!


  11. Wish u a very happy friendship day :-), I am confused, is friendship day not on August?!!?………..


  12. Forgot to write name, hehe, wish u a very happy friendship day , I am confused, is friendship day not on August?!!?, or is it a whole month?………


  13. Aww bro, Happy friendship month to you as well! Hope you make many more friends cause you definitely deserve them!, and that we remain friends cause we are lucky to have you as one 🙂


  14. Awww such a sweet, moving poem, Bhai! Thanks for your everything! I cherish your friendship from the bottom of my heart!


  15. thank you bhaiya…thanks for all the wishes..and wish you the same..may you always have friends surrounding you who will guide you..take care and love
    dolly di


  16. First of all sorry for replying late

    Happy Friendship month to all of …Bhai….I am lucky to hv frd like u who is always there whenever I need u..Hope our frdship grow and stay forever!!!


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