Happy 60th Indian Republic Day!!!!

Well its 26th January today, a very special day for all Indians. 26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit.

And today 26th Jan 2009 India is celebrating its 60th Republic Day!!!

Saare Jag Mein Sundar, Yeh Desh Hamara Hai
Naam bhi kitna nyaara hai, Yeh Bharat Hamara Hai.
Jeeta Tha Prem Se Sabko, Hai “Baapu” Us Ka Naam
Desh Ke Khatir Jisne Kiya Apna Jeewan Balidan,
Jahaan Pe Vir Bhagat, Azad aur “Bose” Ka Nara Hai
Saare Jag Mein Sundar, Woh Desh Hamara Hai.
Jaha Pe “Suraj” Puja Aur Nadiyo Mein Mata Ganga
Chandrama Pe Lahraya Jisne Apna Dhwaj “TIRANGA”,
Vishv Ko Jisne SHUNYA Dekar Kiya Navyug Ka Ujiyara Hai,
Saare Jag Mein Sundar, Woh Desh Hamara Hai.

On this day hope all Indian come together, join hands and work towards a better and much more developed while secured INDIA

Nahi mit ti mitane se fanah hone ki khwaishein
Nahi jhukti jhukane se sarfarosho ki kainaitein
Aye HIND tujhpe hai kurbaan katra katra is khoon ka
Jismo jaan to kya hum layein hain nazrana-e-rooh tere vaaste.


Happy Republic Day to All!!!!



16 thoughts on “Happy 60th Indian Republic Day!!!!

  1. Happy Republic Day to all!!! I really hope we as Indians can come together to fight against all the illegal and unethical things going on in our country.. This is not the country in dreams of the freedom fighters and we should stay united to fight against terrorism/corruption/unemployment/illiteracy etc..


  2. Happy Republic day to all here.
    First time in kgp life I was in official function without you being present.


  3. Happy Republic day…
    hope we gain strength among our self and fight against all who comes to our land with wrong intention…


  4. Ganatantra divas ki shubhkaamnayein

    Nayee umeed ki kirnon ki saath
    fir aaye hai subah niraali
    jagane ek ehsaas
    ki kabhi na kam hoga hausala apna
    chahe koi le kitne imtehaan
    poora na hoga naapak iraada
    chahe ho fir woh koi bhi shaitaan.


  5. Happy Republic day my fellow country guys…

    Lets pray for the people who laid their lives to protect their fellow country people.



  6. Happy Republic Day to everybody.

    Hope we see a united India achieve success on all fronts in the future


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