31st December is a day in the whole year when I spend with myself. I stay away from every one to spend the day just with myself and nature. A day when I put questions to myself, a day when I introspect whatever I did the last year and what more needs to be done.

Today I am at home sitting alone and pondering over many things. Many issues!!! And some more questions came haunting me.

What do I see in my own reflection?
Do I mirror life’s success and security?
Do I see the intensity of struggling instead?

In the past years, I’ve gained life’s experiences.
But have I really acquired life’s intelligence?
Have I built up my own strength and confidence?
Have I got the knowledge of life’s real Truth?

I’ve never been a dreamer and I will never be one.
I know won’t be lured by the promise of eternal youth,
I know I won’t be lured by materialistic things either,
I only want my life to become a repository of wisdom.

But I’ve still got a lot of things to do to defy my limits.
Now I feel like my life has just started to see its vitality.
And I have yet to face the fear of my own vulnerability.



4 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Bhaskarayanamah,
    a very honest and simple poem conveying you so vividly!!
    I am too overwhelmed to say anything else at this point of time,
    but just like to add that you are GOD’S RARE TREASURE!!


  2. Bhai,

    As you introspect today, just remember one thing – almost everyone you know have the same questions to ask about themselves.I hope you find your answers, then may be you can answer some of my questions… it seems even my shadow does not want to reply back to my questions…

    Wish you peace and happiness galore…..


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