Her Highness Lady Winter

We finally had the snowfall of this season. Actual winters are finally here. πŸ˜€ Here’s few lines for this cute but also fearful Winter Lady that has come in to embrace us all in her arms.


With a delicate touch of her smooth fingertip
running water becomes crystal clear memories
her chiseled blue face widens with immense delight
as she blows kisses making barren trees tremble

Humming an icy tune she leisurely walks this earth
soles of her feet powders the ground with flurries
glittering snowflakes create a spectacular sight
spreading chill among the living big and small

An untamed sapphire flame grows in her frosty eyes
she extends her long arms with bliss and utters a chant
from her cold breath appears an army of white knights
riding their wild horses wielding a great winter storm

December day is imprisoned within a frigid dungeon
hoping that evening will escape this stormy moment
Lady Winter smiles as her tempest army raids the night
revealing frozen morning and a breeze of winter victory



5 thoughts on “Her Highness Lady Winter

  1. Wow….. great one….. !!!! I love snow so long I dont have to clean if off my car at below minus 30 deg C !! then it is a pain…and this year spent to much time doing just that in the last couple of weeks…. but now…let me enjoy the sea and the warmth for a few days now…. hehehe,


  2. Lady winter ‘her highness’…I don’t like her ‘high-handedness’

    The harshness expressed beautifully by the author.


  3. Beautiful BB, here we had a little cold weather for a few days, but now again getting warmer.

    So enjoy the snow BB.

    Beautiful pics and poem.


  4. Her Highness can also be very benovelant , when she is given the repect she deserves!!
    However, when some IDIOTS particularly of the first order , decide to abuse her by not giving her the regard she is due, she can lash out and appear to be HIGH-HANDED. For instance,Respect and Regard can be expressed by being suitably attired!!
    The free will and choice rests on the concerned individual! πŸ™‚


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