An Experience to Cherish whole Life!!!

If anything then my trip to Dharamshala can be called fulfilled after the visit to the Namgyal Monastery. Morning when I reached there and was walking around, I chanced to hear none other than His Holiness Dalai Lama. And this was an experience which I cannot even put down in words. The calm and serene face of His Holiness made my day/s.  My mind which was in a turmoil was suddenly at such a peace!!!

I will put down few things that His Holiness preached. I had jotted down few points and will try to touch upon those. But as the blog title says – This will be random as I am yet to come out of the experience!!!


Understanding the “Real” is very crucial. Thus we cannot become deceived by appearances, there is often a disparity between how things seem, how they are presented to you and how they really are. One needs to appreciate the fact that appearances are not always the truth. It becomes critical to recognize the various levels of existing truth. The purpose is to seek a deeper understanding of reality, therefore we can see the relevance of Buddha’s Teachings.

Nothing exists outside the bounds of a cause be it in real consciousness or outside world. In this material world, that we are living, every object need to have a substantial or material cause to live. Mind is endless and beginingless. But not everything of consciousness is endless as we are depended on conditions and occurrences (Of our physical organs) and also time bound. In Buddhism the “I” is considered to be endless and beginingless. Your “self” is based on consciousness and transformation of mind.

To lead a life with purpose does not mean just to lead a religious life. Leading a meaningful life means to lead it by helping one’s who need help and not to be destructive.

To get knowledge is important as it removes ignorance just as in a dark room when you put on the light, all darkness is gone. Ignorance is actually not “Not Knowing” but “Mis-knowing”.

Self grasping thought or attitude can cause confusion and ignorance and an attachment to ourselves. “Self” thoughts may lead to us not thinking about the well being of others. But we cannot completely ignore self either as that is needed too. Unless you know how to help and love self, how can you help others. But a balance is needed and one need to see that self-regarding does not reach a point where all others gets sacrificed to help the self. Through cultivating thoughts of caring for others, one can overcome excessive form of self-cherishing. Only by this you can get real spiritual benefit, thats the main essence of Buddhism. More time with self results into bluring vissions and narrows one’s focus.

The source of happiness is within ourselves. While we make money and do other material things, it is equally important to be in touch with inner values and to find the balance. Ultimately we get more happiness with more compassion for others.

He then asked to go through the Buddha articles and the masters of Tibet and India, and to cultivate a strong faith in them. As they will surely help in growing empathy and compassion for fellow human beings and that is the best way to finally get happiness said His Holiness.


The house of His Holiness Dalai Lama


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  1. Shabash, Yeh huyi na baat…now anytime you want to relive the experience , just peep into this page…. its yours for keeps. I must say, the experience would have in worth everything!

    and the words he said are really wonderful… !!!

    Congratulations !!!!


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