Happy Birthday Minniedi!!!

When I’m talking about
something she my favorite

If I have problems
she’s my problem
She’s a sister that you
can love like no other and
to have place in her brother’s

And today 5th Dec is her Birthday

For me,
Everyone is so special
They take different pieces of my heart
Fill my life with amazing things
But you are extra special

What you are to me?
An angel inside me
The one who always remain here
No matter how bad my condition is.

I want to celebrate
The day GOD sent you to this world
As well as HE sent HIS angel to bless and protect me.

I’m blessed that you are with me Didi


20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Minniedi!!!

  1. Minnie Many Happy Returns of the day. This Neha aka Vandana. Bhagwan aap ko bari lambi ayu de. I also texted you on your phone. Have a loads of happiness. Today is your day and wish to have many more days, months, years,decades and centuries for a wonderful human being you are. Anytime you need me remember i am just a phone call away!


  2. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Minniedi. I hope you had the best day of your life. May the year bring you everything that you aspire for. Wish you loads of happiness and joy.

    From Bhai’s words here, one thing is obvious – you both share a very special brother sister bond. I pray that this bond always remain as strong and may you both always have very many happy moments together! God bless you both. Amen.



  3. Many happy returns of the day Minnie…..may never any dark cloud ever shadow your life. And may u get heavens choicest blessings… on this day i pray all your wishes and dreams gets fulfilled.

    PS: best part of this day i find is, finally positivity is back in this blog and pray it stays the same now onwards…. 🙂


  4. Hello Minnie,

    Whatever with the past has gone,
    The best is always yet to come.
    Happy Birthday dear Minnieji
    Happy Birthday To you !!

    “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. – Jack Benny

    the above quote sums ME up and hoping we are the birds of the same feather 😉
    If you are wondering who this nutnbolt is ?? I am one of the devi of the 3 deviyan !!
    I am Lata and this LOVABLE IDIOT OF THE FIRST ORDER is our common link!

    and as Barnali said hope from today the author of this blog will stop posting only melancholic stuff!!!

    Have a great day and looking forward to interact with you!!

    P.S. SShhhhhhh… only for your eyes we need to gang up on this guy , bahut sataa raha hi aaj kal 😉


  5. @ Nunbolt ji – SShhhhhhh… only for your eyes we need to gang up on this guy , bahut sataa raha hi aaj kal

    Gang up matlab??? Turn BhaskarayaNamah to BhaskarayaSwahah – Total Solar Eclipse kya =))

    But where is the third devi of your gang these days. Don’t see her much.


  6. Happy B’day Minniedi. Me Subrat, as one said common link to you again Lovable “Genious” of First Order. If I call him “Idiot” then I become “Super Idiot”. Wish yu the best this year and for many many more years to come.


  7. “Subbu Says: If I call him “Idiot” then I become “Super Idiot” ”

    Subbu Saab… if you call him an “idiot”, then how do you become a “super idiot”??? “idiot” portion clear hain, hahaha, but the super idiot correlation is not clear -can you throw some light on this one please????? hehehehehe….


  8. Very simple. Me a bit idiot when it comes to Thakur. If Thakur is marked “Idiot” then me turn “Super Idiot”. With me there could be a big line of such “Super Duper Idiots” here if Thakur is an “Idiot”. :))


  9. Oye!!!! You have seminar presentation today. Yaha time waste kar rahae ho. Yaar degree khatam karne ka irada hai bhi ke nahi. =))))


  10. hehehe..there is someone we know who used to very lovingly call us IDIOTS!!!! Bhai,kuch yaad aaya ???????


  11. came to the post by chance… & late too.
    sach kende si.. baddi behen hondi hi aisi hai….
    aur bhai-ben da rishta honda hi shakkar jinda..
    twannu dono nu rab hamesha khush rakhe, abaad rakhe, eyi meri dua sigga wahe guru te.


  12. Belated birthday wishes and prayers.


    Nice thoughts, tells lot about heart 2 heart relation you share with your sister. ‘Cause you too are celebrating so good wishes 2 you too.


    Stay happy.


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