Maa hai Rab da Roop – Malkit Singh

Morning the song came to my mind when I started preparing my lunch and found the only option left is the all rounder “Bread”. Only food I know how to cook without any hassle or burning. But that reminded me of this song by Malkit. I did not go “Pardes” but still, now miss those rotis when I have to eat these breads =)

Here’s a song of Malkit Singh which is very touching and I love it a lot. The song again carries very strong meaningful lyrics.


So true “Maa hai rab da roop”

Maa da rishta saare rishtaya nalon goodha rishta!!!

Maa chahe jhirka maare par os diya ta jhirkan wadiaan changian lagdian ne!!!

Thanks Malkit for the wonderful song!!!!



6 thoughts on “Maa hai Rab da Roop – Malkit Singh

  1. Yes the song is great…and meaningful too.
    As far as bread serving us… well, we are all in the same boat…try putting haldiram sev bhujiya in your bread slices next time and eating it..its yummy…!!!


  2. poor bachelor boys!

    Sushil kudi se mil lo
    then bread ke badle mein garam garam phulke/Chapati/roti jo bhi chahiye mil jayega 🙂


  3. aankhe nam ho gayi..
    maa de hattha di roti da swaad hi aur sigga…
    Ajj mera vi maa diya hatha diya pakaiya rotiya khan nu bada hi dil karda..
    bahut vadiya bhai ji, kya gaana ditta..
    maa nu dilo taan nahin bhula sakde par e geet jad vi suno
    akhyian di udeek hanju ban vagdi hai


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