Yeh Nafrat ab Mita de Hindustan aur Pakistan!!!

I wrote this long back and submitted at a forum calling for friendship between the two countries. Then things really were so nice too. But it has again turned bitter.

Common man – what have they done? I have so many Pakistani friends. This bitterness have no effect on that. Not for even once I give a second thought as to which country we both belong to. For me they are my friends, what so ever country they be from and same response I get from the other side too. We all just talk along. So why do we have to face this? Why do these political leaders and the unsavory elements have to play on our emotions??? When would all this stop????


Dushmani ka khel, khel chuke tum kayi baar
Kyu na ab dosti ka khel khelke dekho ek baar
Chain aman ki raah ko apna ke dekho ek baar
Dushmani chhor gale milke dekho ek baar!!

Juda aur khafa ‘gar rahey tum dono
Barudo ke dher par sheher paoge dono
Siskiyo se bhare gharonde paoge dono
Insaniyat ko marte huye paoge dono
Barbaadi ke siva na koi manzar paoge dono
Wadiyo se sirf uthti aahe sunoge dono!!

Aapas ki mohabbat se dushmani ab chhor do
Kyu na raqeeb bankar dono saath nibha do
Le aayegi yeh muskaan inhi jalti wadiyo mein
Yakeenan bahaarein laut aayengi banjar zamino pe!!

Bas Hindustan aur Pakistan ye nafrat ab mitade
Aman shanti aur mohabbat ko ab gale laga le!!




8 thoughts on “Yeh Nafrat ab Mita de Hindustan aur Pakistan!!!

  1. Beautiful BB, really if all would understand this the world would be such a beautiful place to live in.

    There is really no need to this enmity and most problems can be overcome thru friendship and love.


  2. I totally agree. Between friends, there is only one bond and that is the bond of friendship. why look into caste,creed, religion and region and mar some beautiful relationships.

    This poem of yours is truly fabulous….


  3. I am totally with you Bhaskar. As a Pakistani i am seriously very hurt. We were so happy to see everything fine between 2 countries, and now again we are back there where we started. Sad very sad, this is the time that we all have to stand against our corrupt politicians, and erase all bitterness from our hearts. This time is not to blaming eachother, but stand together for humanity. I have so many Indian friends, and we all not think like our politician or some extremist thought.
    Lovely thought Bhaskar, i hope people understand our honest feelings for eachother, and for our countries.

    mita do dilon se nafraton ki yeh aag
    kub tuk jalogey andheri yaadon mein
    sub jul jayega iss sulagti aag mein
    reh jayegi sirf raakh hi raakh


  4. Very nice!
    It is honestly really sad to see India and Pakistan fight because of people who live just to create problems between the two countries. It is a horride truth, but it is not the common peoplr of the two countries who want to have war, but instead the educated people of the two countries and other nations who are afraid to see India and Pakistan become friends. Hopefully if enough people understand the problem we can all come togtether and fight for the greater cause…friendship.


  5. bhaskar bhai i m totally with u in this .. i have so many paki friends ..actually most of them ..and this whole thing never made any difference to me ..
    sachi mein saare politians ko line mein khada karke goli maar do yaar ..india aur pakistan dono ke ..terrorists bhi yahi corrupt logon ki wajah se bante hai log …


  6. Agree with you Kanu, hum janta ko hi first step leyna hoga.
    Seriously i have no problem with common person of both countries, but those politician, seriously using common person for their benefits.


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