Amma Poochhdi (Morni) – Song that I can never forget

This is a Pahadi Song sung by Mohit Chauhan, of the band Silk Route. Its a very popular folk song from Himachal.

I grew up hearing my mother humming the song and always used to find it very soothing. It still brings back all those memories of my village life in Shimla. It’s a haunting melody that I can never forget ever more as now Maasa is no more with me.

I had no idea it has been sung by Mohit and the track is available too. Here’s the song.

It’s a song where the son is asking questions to his mother on different things and the mother is replying to him while doing her daily chores. The last question and it’s reply is the part I love most of this song.

The son asks his mother – Where does the moon and stars go, where do people close to our heart go?

The mother replies – Moon and stars hide at this time of the day while people close to our heart never hide anywhere. They stay within us forever!!!

The full lyrics of the song:

Amma Poochdi, Sun Dhiye Meriye.
Zubali Itni Tu Kiyan Kaari Hoyi Ho.

Par Le Baniya, More Jo Boley Ho.
Aamaji Iney More Ninder Gavai Ho.

Sadh Le Bandhukhi Jo, Sadh Le Shakari Jo
Dhiye Bhala Eta More Maar Girana Ho.

More Ni Maarna.
More Ni Gavana Ho.
Aamaji Eta More Pinjrey Puwana Ho.

Kuthi Janda Chandrama, Kuthi Jandey Tarey Ho.
Oo Ama Ji Kuthi Jandey Dilan De Payare Ho.

Oo Chupi Janda Chandrama, Chupi Jandey Tarey Ho.
Oo Dhiye Bhala Naiyon Chupdey Dilan De Payarey Ho.


4 thoughts on “Amma Poochhdi (Morni) – Song that I can never forget

  1. Mohit has sung it with lot of feel into the song and being a himachali he did full justice too.
    Mr.Bhaskar like you me too have heard my granny singing the same during my childhood.Thanks for the song, it made me so nostalgic going down the memory lane.
    Any chance to get the download link to the song Mr.Bhaskar?


  2. Mohit has a very romantic soft voice and sings wiht lot of feel. His boond song is also very nice… The latest one in Jab we met is one of the best romantic songs of recent times.

    But Thakur, don’t listen to the song when at Shimla. Please yaar…


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