Thinking – The real cause of Troubles!!!!!!!

Thoughts!!! When do they ever stop? When do we ever hear the silence?

Enough to hear that pin drop, to put it all behind us.  And why do we try to stop it? Prevent the moment that pin hits the floor. Maybe we are all to weak to take it when things aren’t the way they were before.

Our memories, we keep them. We actually take them everywhere we go.  We’ll blame new people for the old mistakes, we’ll learn everything again we already know. Well maybe that’s what is called as LIVING. But there are so many questions that comes to mind while we are living? When do we ever find the answers, or do we?  When we’re lost in what to do, what do I do?

Time it always passes, and they say you can’t re-live your past. Whats living if you just sit there hoping, pretending that it really did last. Maybe I’m really not this weak. I try not to be!!!! But the more time I spend running away from the past, the more I want it back there.

Thinking!!! Yes thats what brought all these into my mind.

Thinking – Thats the root cause of all trouble for sure.

Judging!!! No better not to judge. For I’m no image of perfection. Live and let live in the circle of life, always having faith in your own reflection is what I feel the best path. Care and you’ll be cared for, atleast I think that’s the way it goes. Karma always comes back around right? Maybe god only knows!!!


4 thoughts on “Thinking – The real cause of Troubles!!!!!!!

  1. Authorji,
    I agree your blog is called RANDOM THOUGHTS, but please itna bhi random nahin in the same post 😦


  2. Hahahaha!!!

    Randomness don’t have any limit. These are “Random” and also “Impulsive” thoughts.


  3. Truely random thoughts.Thought, time, karma all jumping around randomly.

    It was interesting to read the article.Author seemed to have been in quite a random state of mind while writing.

    But agree to the point absolutely, thinking solves but brings in troubles too.


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